2010 Scarecrow Festival in Brooloo


Big congratulations goes to Jaylee and Kalani for winning first place in children's category in the overall Mary Valley Scarecrow festival, and to Annie for tying at a second place in the overall traditional category. 

Brooloo held their scarecrow gathering in August, and what a great time we had. The little town of Brooloo managed to have 16 registered and very good looking scarecrows up, and it was very hard for the judges to pick the Brooloo winners.

The following people have walked away with Brooloo scarecrow trophy and were representing Brooloo in the overall Mary Valley scarecrow festival.

Traditional category:
1st place - Ben from 71 Sutton St
2nd place - Annie from Rodwell Rd
3rd place - James from 66 Sutton St

Artistic category
1st place - Maureen from 77 Sutton St 
2nd place - Chris from 62 Sutton St 
3rd place - Sharre from 35 Sutton St

Children's category
1st place - Ethan and Cloe Rose from George St 
2nd place - Jaylee and Kalani from 75 Sutton St 
3rd place - Reuben and Lily from 39 Sutton St

Congratulations to all Brooloo scarecrow winners and good luck in the Mary Valley scarecrow festival finals. Also congratulations to Ben for winning the Brooloo people's choice award. And a huge thank you to everyone that participated and came to support the scarecrow makers at our gathering.

And finally another huge thank you to the judges that judged the Brooloo scarecrows - Jannine Umana a well known medium, Elly Bingham a children's books author, and Suzanne Thompson artist and a proud Kabi Kabi woman.

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2010 Brooloo scarecrows

the Brooloo scarecrow gathering